JFDR Vol. XLV, No. 1 (Proceedings Issue) JFDR 45(1) Complete.pdf

Front Matter/Table of Contents  JFDR 45(1) Frontmatter.pdf


"Does Instruction Enhance Students' Knowledge of Nutrition Facts?" Patricia E. McLean-Meyinsse, Shervia S. Taylor and Janet V. Gager JFDR 45 (1) 1 McLean Meyinsse.pdf

"Gabon: A Guide to Improving the Coastal and Inland Fishery Industries" Kenya Barrett and Jack E. Houston JFDR 45 (1) 2 Houston.pdf

"Consumer Preferences and Willingness to Pay for Multi-Labeled Produce at Farmers’ Markets" Kynda R. Curtis, J. Dominique Gumirakiza, and Ryan Bosworth JFDR 45 (1) 3 Curtis.pdf

"Dairy Product Trade Potentials between Gulf Cooperation Council Countries, European Union Selected Countries and the United States"  Eihab Fathelrahman, Safdar Muhammad, Sidiga Washi, Doaa Skaik, and Sherin Sherif  JFDR 45 (1) 4 Fathelrahman.pdf

"Global Food Security: Emerging Economies and Diverging Food Markets"  Shida Rastegari Henneberry and Claudia P. Díaz Carrasco  JFDR 45 (1) 5 Henneberry.pdf

"The Role of Nutrition and Women's Empowerment in Human Capital Development"  Jack E. Houston and Helena Huguley  JFDR 45 (1) 6 Houston.pdf

"Consumer Preferences for Local Food Products in North Carolina"  Kenrett Y. Jefferson-Moore, Richard D. Robbins, Daniel Johnson, and Jackie Bradford  JFDR 45 (1) 7 Jefferson-Moore.pdf

"An Analysis of the Economic Impact of Cap-and-Trade Policy on the California Food Processing Industry: A Look at Processed Tomatoes and Dairy Products"   Mechel S. Paggi, Fumiko Yamazaki, and Srinivasa Konduru  JFDR 45 (1) 8 Paggi.pdf


"Food Marketing Information Literacy: Pedagogical Approaches and Student Success"  Lindsey M. Higgins and Christiane Schroeter  JFDR 45 (1) 9 Schroeter.pdf

"The Life Cycle Assessment for a Sustainable Georgia Food Hub"  Forrest Stegelin  JFDR 45 (1) 10 Stegelin.pdf

"Marketing U.S. Lentils in Sri Lanka: A Consumer Preference Analysis."  Ramu Govindasamy, Surendran Arumugam, Isaac Vellangany  JFDR 45 (1) 11 Govindasamy.pdf

"Consumer Preferences for U.S. Food Products in Ghana"  Godfrey Ejimakor, Kofi Adu-Nyako, Ralph Okafor, Irene Egyird and Kamal Bell  JFDR 45 (1) 12 Ejimakor.pdf

"A Disconnect between Appreciation of the Farmland and Commitment to Pay
for its Preservation: Case for the Mid Atlantic Farm Products and Agritrourism Carolina"  Benjamin Onyango and Ramu Govindasamy  JFDR 45 (1) 13 Onyango.pdf

"Flavor of Georgia: Entrepreneurship and Value Added Products"  Colby Cantrell, Glenn C. W. Ames, Kent Wolfe, Sharon P. Kane  JFDR 45 (1) 14 Ames.pdf

"Vendor and Consumer Differences in Perceptions of Food Quality in Ghana"  Godfrey Ejimakor, Kofi Adu-Nyako, Ralph Okafor, and Irene Egyir  JFDR 45 (1) 15 Ejimakor.pdf

"Willingness to Buy Organically Grown Ethnic Greens and Herbs: An Econometric Analysis"   Ramu Govindasamy, Xinling You, Surendran Arumugam, and Isaac Vellangany  JFDR 45 (1) 16 Govindasamy.pdf

"Bed and Breakfast: An Analysis of Consumer Preferences for Eco-Agritourism"  Ramu Govindasamy, Isaac Vellangany and Surendran Arumugam  JFDR 45 (1) 17 Govindasamy.pdf


JFDR Vol. XLIV, No. 1 (Proceedings Issue) JFDR 44(1) Complete.pdf

Front Matter/Table of Contents  JFDR 44(1) Frontmatter.pdf

"Goat Meat Consumer Preferences: Implications for Goat Meat Marketing in Metropolitan Nashville, Tennessee Area"  Enefiok Ekanem, Mary Mafuyai-Ekanem, Fisseha Tagegne, Surendra Singh and Delicia Favors  JFDR 44(1) 1 Ekanem.pdf

"Examining College Students’ Daily Consumption of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables"  Patricia E. McLean-Meyinsse, Edith G. Harris, Shervia S. Taylor, and Janet V. Gager  JFDR 44(1) 2 McLean-Meyinsse.pdf

"How Consumers Respond to Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives: A Cluster Analysis of Dairy Consumers"  Dawn Thilmany McFadden, Oana Deselnicu, and Marco Costanigro  JFDR 44(1) 3 Thilmany McFadden.pdf

"Picking up Pawpaws: An Evaluation of Consumer Willingness to Sample Unusual Regional Products"  Shang-Ho Yang and Timothy Woods  JFDR 44(1) 4 Yang.pdf

"Food Insecurity, the National School Lunch Program and Educational Achievement: Evidence from Georgia’s Public Schools"  Jack E. Houston, Audrianna A. Marzette, Glenn C. W. Ames, and Allison J. Ames  JFDR 44(1) 5 Houston.pdf

"Impacts of Community Supported Agriculture Program Participation on Consumer Food Purchases and Dietary Choice"  Kynda Curtis, Ruby Ward, Karin Allen, and Susan Slocum  JFDR 44(1) 6 Curtis.pdf

"Supermarket Sales of Crawfish and Competing Crustacean Products"  Terrill R. Hanson and Giap V. Nguyen  JFDR 44(1) 7 Hanson.pdf

"An Assessment of Communication Technology and Social Media Adoption"  John L. Park and Matthew P. Murch  JFDR 44(1) 8 Park.pdf

"Price Hikes in US Agricultural Commodity Futures Markets: An Empirical Efficiency Test"  Paul Armah and Velmurugan P. Shanmugam  JFDR 44(1) 9 Armah.pdf

"The Effect of the Eurozone Crisis on U.S. Food Companies"  J. E. Epperson and C. L. Escalante  JFDR 44(1) 10 Epperson.pdf


"The Role of Social Capital in Nascent Agri-Food Industries: A Case Study of Michigan Chestnut Growers, Inc."  R. Brent Ross and Nathaniel Victor  JFDR 44(1) 11 Ross.pdf

"Prospects of Entry into the Energy Market by Small and Mid-Sized Farmers: Evidence from Tennessee"  Fissesha Tegegne, Enefiok Ekanem, Surendra. Singh, Alvin Wade, and Mary Mafuyai-Ekanem  JFDR 44(1) 12 Tegegne.pdf

"Consumer Choices for Organic and Local Food Products in North Carolina"  Kenrett Y. Jefferson-Moore, Richard D. Robbins, and Daniel Johnson  JFDR 44(1) 13 Jefferson-Moore.pdf

"The Market Legitimacy of Cool Climate Wineries: Distribution Challenges and Strategies for a Nascent Food Industry" R. Brent Ross, Fabio R. Chaddad, Miguel I. Gomez, and Kathleen Sprouse  JFDR 44(1) 14 Ross.pdf

"Seasonal Price Analysis to Determine Economic Gains Associated with High- Tunnel Season Extension for Mississippi Vegetable Producers"  K. Hood, R. Little, K. Morgan, and K. Coatney  JFDR 44(1) 15 Hood.pdf

"Uncovering Success Attributes for the Direct Farmers Markets and Agritourism: Mid-Atlantic Region of the United States"  Benjamin Onyango and Ramu Govindasamy  JFDR 44(1) 16 Onyango.pdf

"Purchasing Locally Grown Ethnic Greens and Herbs to Support Local Farms in the Eastern Coastal United States"  Ramu Govindasamy and Isaac Vellangany  JFDR 44(1) 17 Govindasamy.pdf

"Do Wine Bottle Sizes & Shapes and Wine Label Colors & Shapes Matter in Agritourism Wine Prices and Sales?"  Forrest Stegelin  JFDR 44(1) 18 Stegelin.pdf

"Economic Impact of the U.S. Food Processing Industry" Albert E. Myles  JFDR 44(1) 19 Myles.pdf

"Outreach Program Update: Evaluation the Educational Effectiveness and Economic Impacts of the TAA for Farmers Program"  Nathan Kemper and Ronald Rainey  JFDR 44(1) 20 Kemper.pdf

"Childhood Food Insecurity: Factors Associated with the National School Lunch Program in the U.S."  Myra Clarisse Ferrer, Glenn C.W. Ames, Esendugue Greg Fonsah, Cesar Escalante, and Octavio Ramirez  JFDR 44(1) 21 Ferrer.pdf

"Improving Consumer Participation in Oklahoma Farmers’ Markets"  Carra Crow and Shida Rastegari Henneberry  JFDR 44(1) 22 Crow.pdf

"Attitudes toward Locally Produced Food Products Households and Food Retailers" Abrindra Rimala and Benjamin Onyango  JFDR 44(1) 23 Rimal.pdf

"Organic Vegetable Production in the Southeast"  Richard D. Robbins and Kenrett Y. Jefferson-Moore  JFDR 44(1) 24 Robbins.pdf


JFDR Vol. XLIII, No. 3  JFDR 43(3) Complete.pdf

Front matter/Table of Contents:  JFDR 43(3)0 frontmatter.pdf

"Effects of Healthier Choices on Kid’s Menu: A Difference-in-Differences Analysis" Shuo Li, Jill J. McCluskey and Ron C. Mittelhammer JFDR 43(3) 1 McCluskey.pdf

"A Pilot Study of the Market for Energy Drinks"  Oral Capps, Jr. and Robin D. Hanselman JFDR 43(3) 2 Capps.pdf

"Economic Impacts of Increasing the Minimum Size for Idaho Fresh Potatoes"  W. Goodwin, J. Guenthner, C. McIntosh, A. Johnson, P. Watson, and M. Thornton  JFDR 43(3) 3 Guenthner.pdf

"Greenhouse Gas Emissions Labeling for Produce: The Case of Biotech and Conventional Sweet Corn"  L. Lanier Nalley, Michael Popp, and Z. Niederman and Jada Thompson  JFDR 43(3) 4 Nalley.pdf

"Ethnic Respondents Increased Purchases of Locally Grown Ethnic Greens and Herbs because of Concerns about Food Miles: Logit Model Framework"  Ramu Govandasamy, Venkata Puduri, Kathleen M. Kelley, and James E. Simon  JFDR 43(3) 5 Govindasamy.pdf

"Assessing the Status of Farmers Markets in the Black Belt Counties of Alabama"  Ntam Baharanyi, Miriam Anima Boateng, Nii O. Tackie and Robert Zabawa  JFDR 43(3) 6 Baharanyi.pdf

JFDR Vol. XLIII, No. 2  JFDR 43(2) Full.pdf

Front matter/Table of Contents: JFDR 43(2) 0 frontmatter.pdf

"Logistics Analysis of the Pathogen Control Provisions of the Almond Marketing Order" Victoria Salin JFDR 43(2) 1 Salin.pdf

"Environmental Regulation and Regional Economy: Economic Impacts of the Elimination of Azinphos-methyl on the Apple Industry and Washington State" Andrew J. Cassey, Suzette P. Galinato, and Justin L. Taylor JFDR 43(2) 2 Cassey.pdf

"Factors Affecting Producer Awareness of State Programs Promoting Locally Grown Foods: The Case of Fruit and Vegetable Growers in Tennessee" Margarita Velandia, James A. Davis, Dayton M. Lambert, Christopher D. Clark, Michael D. Wilcox Jr., Annette Wszelaki and Kimberly Jensen JFDR 43(2) 3 Velandia.pdf

"Estimating the Optimal Premium Rates for Credential Food Attributes: A Case Study in the Northeast United States" Minghao Li, Qingbin Wang and Jane Kolodinsky JFDR 43(2) 4 Li.pdf

"Mexican Meat Demand at the Table Cut Level: Estimating a Censored Demand System in a Complex Survey" Jose A. Lopez, Jaime E. Malaga, Benaissa Chidmi, Eric Belasco, and James Surles JFDR 43(2) 5 Lopez.pdf

"Understanding Markets for Grass-Fed Beef: Taste, Price, and Purchase Preferences" Lauren Gwin, Catherine A. Durham, Jason D. Miller, and Ann Colonna JFDR 43(2) 6 Gwin.pdf

"Local Food in Maryland Schools: A Real Possibility or a Wishful Dream?" Carolyn Dimitri, James C. Hanson and Lydia Oberholtzer JFDR 43(2) 7 Dimitri.pdf

JFDR Vol. XLIII, No. 1 (Proceedings Issue)  JFDR 43(1) Full.pdf

Front matter/Table of Contents: JFDR 43(1) 0 Frontmatter.pdf

"The Bacteria Content of Bagged, Pre-Washed Greens as Related to the Best if Used by Date"

Fur-Chi Chen, Sandria L. Godwin JFDR 43(1) 1 Chen.pdf

"Assessing Food Safety Training Needs: Findings from TN Focus Groups" E. Ekanema, M. Mafuyai-Ekanemb, F. Tegegnec and U. Adamud JFDR 43(1) 2 Ekanem.pdf

"Microbiological Quality of Packaged Lunchmeat as Related to the Sell-by-date" Sandria L. Godwin, Fur-Chi Chen JFDR 43(1) 3 Godwin.pdf

"Consumer Response to Food Contamination and Recalls: Findings from a National Survey" Sandria L. Godwin, Richard C. Coppings, Katherine M. Kosa, Sheryl C. Cates JFDR 43(1) 4 Godwin.pdf

"What is the New Version of Scale Efficient:A Values-Based Supply Chain Approach" Allison Gunter, Dawn Thilamy, Martha Sullins JFDR 43(1) 5 Gunter.pdf

"Oilseed Trade Flows: A Gravity Model Approach to Transportation Impacts" Ying Xia, Jack Houston, Cesar Escalante, James Epperson JFDR 43(1) 6 Xia.pdf

"Social Media Opportunities for Value-Added Businesses" Kathleen Kelley, Jeffrey Hyde JFDR 43(1) 7 Kelley.pdf

"U.S. Consumer Demand for Organic Fluid Milk by Fat Content" Xianghong Li, Hikaru Hanawa Peterson, Tian Xia JFDR 43(1) 8 Li.pdf

"Modeling Household Preferences for Cereals and Meats in Mexico" Maria Mejia, Derrel S. Peel JFDR 43(1) 9 Mejia.pdf

"A Comparative Analysis of Alabama Restaurants: Local vs Non-local Food Purchase" Kenesha Reynolds-Allie, Deacue Fields JFDR 43(1) 10 Reynolds-Allie.pdf

"Providing the Local Story of Produce to Consumers at Institutions in Vermont: Implications for Supply Chain Members" Noelle Sevoian, David Conner JFDR 43(1) 11 Sevoian.pdf

"The Food Processing Industry in India: Challenges and Opportunities" Surendra P. Singh, Fisseha Tegegne, Enefiok Ekenem JFDR 43(1) 12 Singh.pdf

"Pigeonpea as a Niche Crop for Small Farmers" F. Tegegne, S.P. Singh, D. Duseja, E. Ekanem, R. Bullocke JFDR 43(1) 13 Tegegne.pdf

"A Case Study Examination of Social Norms Marketing Campaign to Improve Responsible Drinking" Marianne McGarry Wolf, Allison Dana, Mitchell J. Wolf, Eivis Qenani Petrela JFDR 43(1) 14 McGarry Wolf.pdf

"A Comparison of Attitudes Toward Food and Biotechnology in the U.S., Japan, and Italy" Marianne McGarry Wolf, Paola Bertolini, Izumi Shikama, Alain Berger JFDR 43(1) 15 McGarry Wolf.pdf

"Potential Benefits of Extended Season Sales through Direct Markets" Kynda R. Curtis, Irvin Yeager, Brent Black, Dan Drost JFDR 43(1) 16 Curtis.pdf

"Food Quality Certification:Is the Label Rouge Program Applicable to the U.S.?" Myra Clarisse Ferrer, Glenn C. W. Ames JFDR 43(1) 17 Ferrer.pdf

"Influence of Consumer Demographics on the Demand for Locally Grown Ethnic
Greens and Herbs Because of Food Miles Concerns: A Logit Model Analysis" Ramu Govindasamy, Venkata Purduri, Kathleen Kelley, James E. Simon JFDR 43(1) 18 Govindasamy.pdf

"Assessment, Development and Implementation of Training Materials for
Food Defense/Safety, Biosecurity, and Traceability within the Catfish Industry" Anna F. Hood, J. Byron Williams, Courtney Crist JFDR 43(1) 19 Hood.pdf

"Market Potential for Local Organic Produce in the South Atlantic Sub-Region" Kenrett Y. Jefferson-Moore, Richard D. Robbins, Arneisha Smallwood JFDR 43(1) 20 Jefferson-Moore.pdf

"Lessons Learned in Recruiting Minorities into Food and Agribusiness Industries" Kenrett Y. Jefferson-Moore, Sawde Salifou-Labo, Autumn W. Mitchell, Jazmine S. Bowser JFDR 43(1) 21 Jefferson-Moore.pdf

"Predicting Consumer Participation in a Hayride Event of Agri-tourism Activity:
A Logit Model Approach" Venkata Purduri, Ramu Govindasamy, Kathleen Kelley, John C. Bernard  JFDR 43(1) 22 Purduri.pdf

"Using The Economist’s Big Mac Index for Instruction" Forrest Stegelin JFDR 43(1) 23 Stegelin.pdf

"Marketing Channels Used by Small Tennessee Farmers" Fisseha Tegegnea, S. Pasirayi, S.P. Singh, E. Ekanem JFDR 43(1) 24 Tegegne.pdf

"GAPs Compliance Costs for North Carolina Fresh Produce Producers" Jonathan Baros, Blake Brown JFDR 43(1) 25 Baros.pdf

"Effect of Promotional Activities on Substitution Pattern and Market Share for Aquaculture Products"  Benaissa Chidmi, Terry Hanson, and Giap Nguyen  JFDR 43(1) 26 Hanson.pdf

"Analyzing Students’ Use and Assessment of Nutrition Facts Labels" Patricia E. McLean-Meyinsse, Janet V. Gager, and Derek N. Cole JFDR 43(1) 27 McLean.pdf

"Do Price Premiums Exist for Local Products?" Kristen Park and Miguel I. Gómez JFDR 43(1) 28 Park.pdf


JFDR Vol. XLII, No. 3  Full Text PDF

JFDR Vol. XLII, No. 2  Full Text PDF

JFDR Vol. XLII, No. 1 (Proceedings Issue) Full Text PDF